Canadian Travelers Spend Millions at World Cup!

Soccer fever is rising at its peak. Major teams are already out of the tournament and I am surprised at the early exit of Italy which left me spell bound! Anyways coming back to the news, the team of Canada may not be jumping all guns on the pitches of South Africa, but Canadian fans are all over the place.

The travelers have spent so much in the country that they have been speculated to have made a contribution of US$3.4-million to the South African economy! Phew! That’s an amount to ask for… isn’t it? Imagine if their team would have been playing in the country, how much the figure would have rose to!

It is great news for the South African tourism industry which has seen a sudden boom, courtesy the exciting FIFA World Cup which is running around the corner. The master of all tournaments has benefited South Africa in all ways, be it tourism or a sheer boost in its financial aspects.

It is true that the amount is not much as compared to the expenditure witnessed from other countries, but considering the fact that their team is not there, they still managed to gain position in the top ten countries sending high amount, with it grasping ninth position. Of course, no points in guessing as to who all are the highest spenders. They are US, Australia, France and Brazil…

And the expenditure done is on all kinds of luxuries, including the matches, the accommodation, restaurants and flights! As far as the visa card holders are concerned, their contribution in the South African economy has already counted $3.4 million in the first week of this grand tournament.

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