Chinese President’s Visit to Canada!

Local reports have confirmed that Chinese President Hu Jintao would be on a visit to Canada for exceptional cooperation between both the nations. Critics believe that this visit would not even strengthen the ties between both the nations but would enhance the relationship further.

Hu’s visit to the country would deal with various issues like the natural resources that are in plenty in the nation, a step further on the Approved Destination Status, and other topics including Asia-Pacific trade, the facets of global warming and the change in climate.

Other talks would be regarding the building of relationship between both the countries, confirmed Richard Lee from the British Columbia legislature. The strengthening of relationship would play a critical role coming out with better economy.

It was not long back Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper marked his presence to China last year in the month of December. According to various experts, this reciprocal visit from the China’s minister would further bring all the relationships back on track! Also this year marks 40 long years of the diplomatic ties between both the nations and the visits would only add a cherry on the cake to rigidify the relations.

At present, there are almost 388 partnership agreements between China and Canada. It is indeed favorable news for immigrants intending to move to either of the two countries as the visit may serve as a boom for various sectors including tourism and education, to name a few.

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