Canadian Visa Requirements for Mexicans Show a Negative Impact!

According to Jason Kenney, the Minister for Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism for Canada, withdrawing any form of visa policies would take a year. This is specific for Mexico where in the citizens of Mexico have to apply for temporary Residence Visas or a Tourist Visa to enter Canada. This law was brought about in 2009. The main reason behind introducing this law was due to the increasing number of asylum seekers from Mexico.

The Minister also mentioned that no government in any world is in a position to reckon its decision all over again especially when it comes to liberalization of visa. This could only be done if the problem of refugees is taken care of.

The issue of visas has been a major point of discussion when the Felipe Calderón, the President of Mexico was in Ottawa to visit the Canadian Prime Minister. As per the news sources, a major discussion would take place on the issue.

According to Calderón, the right to make amends in policy by Canada is highly respected. At the same time, Mexico regrets this decision which has come about due to certain events.

The requirements for the visa for the Mexicans are not having a very positive impact on the middle class segment of Mexico. Around 250,000 travelers from Mexico visited Canada before the new visa norms were put in place.

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