Watertown detainee Deported!

Pakistani immigrant who was arrested last month in Watertown has been ordered deportation by an immigration judge as the later found him unacceptable in the United States.

The accused, Pir D. Khan, 43, was grabbed by federal agent who found his link with Times Square bombing incident. Reports say that he was found wearing an orange jailhouse apparel when he was ordered deportation in Boston Immigration Court.

According to Judge Matthew D’Angelo, the culprit entered the country in undocumented manner in the year 1991. The route which he took was via Mexico. His next hearing date has come out to be August 10. It was not long back when another deportation of a Pakistani national happened last week.

Another Waterdown detainee was given the sentence of deportation as the accused Aftab Ali Khan, 27 was sent to his home country, Pakistan. The linkage between both these cases is that a single lawyer, Saher Macarius, represents the cases of both the accused Pakistani nationals. He confirmed that he might appeal against the order and confirmed that he is planning to make arguments in the hearing that is going to happen in the month of August. He claims that Pir should be given freedom to enter the United States on the basis of his good records and the fact that he has an American spouse, Rebecca Barry, 24, would face difficulties without him. The accused got married in the year 2008 and has been working as a taxi driver since then.

The recent hearing saw no evidences by the federal authorities against the accused.

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