Canberra Adopts Tough Position against Unlawful Arrivals

As per a report, the Australian regime has taken additional action to refuse permanent permits to those who have landed on the nation’s soils illegitimately, through the sea route. In the wake of a decision taken in the Australian Senate to prohibit temporary protection permits sometime before, the administration, reportedly, took instant action to put a limit on the figure of onshore protection permits.

Talking about the development the incumbent immigration minister proclaimed that at the time he observed the cap would influence onshore candidates who had officially gained admission into the country & made protection claims. He further observed that the administration would make declarations to address the subject.

Scott Morrison, the minister, elucidated that consequently he approved an additional regulation amendment to curtail eligibility for a subcategory 866 protection permit to onshore aspirants who had gained admission into the nation legitimately, and when the latest law became effective on December 14, 2013, he removed the limit.

The minister claimed that Labour & the Greens cast their votes against what the nationals voted for, even as they have voted to support the pledge made by the human-traffickers to those they enticed onto water-vessels that they would obtain permanent residency status in Down Under.

Morrison further said that refusing permanent residency standing to those–who have already arrived by water vessels–is as vital as making certain that those who presently seek to arrive are refused settlement in the country, by being driven to either Manus or Nauru Island. He continued that the truth that Labour fails to appreciate this only shows once more why they may never be depended to safeguard the national borders.

The minister also corroborated that there may be no official pardon on permanent permits for prohibited boat arrivals. He added that the administration will not compromise in the matters of safeguarding the nation’s borders even as it will take the required steps to guarantee that the individuals–who have arrived illegitimately, via the sea route–are not given the prized permanent permits.

Morrison also stated that for the record 4th time, since a specific border protection program started, the results have been positive. Significantly, even as more monsoon-like situations are starting to germinate, for a major part of December, the weather situations have been exceedingly encouraging to making the said trips.

Up till now, in the month of December, there have been 355 illegal arrivals on 7 vessels even as the same shows a reduction of 70% on the previous December. Hitherto, the same is the most unimpressive figure of arrivals in the month of December for as many as 5 years, stressed Morrison.

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