Skilled Migration Scheme Forms Major Part of Australia Immigration

The structured labor deficit in the domestic labor pool of Australia has been a major cause of concern of the Australian authorities. To counter the problems generated due to scarcity of the competent work force, the government of the country has established an elaborate program to cater to the skills requirements of various stake holder sectors of the economy. The policy has been carefully planned and implemented meticulously, and it strives to cover all the areas that need a sumptuous dose of trained expertise. The scheme also facilitates expanding and enhancing the size and skill capabilities of Aussie labor pool, which in turn paves way for boosting the economic productivity of the country.

The Australia Skilled Migration scheme has always dominated the inwards emigration into the country with majority of entry permits being granted to the trained manpower. Although, the 2013 -2014 edition of Australian SKillSelect scheme comprises of both business and skills visa categories, and the government is committed to enhancing the business and employment scenario, almost 68% of the 190,000 annual visa slots have been reserved for immigrant workforce.

The government of Down Under has established a comprehensive Skilled Immigration system, which ensures an even distribution of immigrant expertise to all corners and parts of the country. A major emphasis is being laid on proliferating positive impact of inwards movement of overseas labor to the employers, provinces, and territories, which are specifically facing a tangible shortage of labor resources required to cope up with the rising demand of expertise. The SKillSelect policy integrates several specialized visa routes to facilitate employers and states to select and nominate immigrants for entry permits. The permissions are available in the permanent and temporary formats.

Besides enacting several attractive entry permit classifications, authorities have resorted to prioritizing processing of applications of immigrants choosing to migrate to provinces, and regional territories through province backed skills Migration schemes, or employment based programs.

States like Queensland and South Australia have further enhanced the attractiveness of provincial nomination programs by adding up several trades in SNOLs. Province of Queensland has gone a step further by easing up the selection criteria for the applicants willing to migrate to Queensland. This is definitely good news for the immigrants, because the people previously disqualified for nomination can now place their request once again and stand a greater chance of being short listed for provincial nomination class visa under sections 190(permanent), 489(temporary).

With the things develops further, and as the Skilled Migration Scheme Forms Major Part of Australia Immigration, you as a qualified immigrant could discover better opportunities Down Under.

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