Capitalize On Easy Australia PR Visa Process

Australia PR Visa Process

The ‘Land of Kangaroos’ is one of the few countries where in almost every second immigrant wishes to settle.  Australia is well-known for many reasons even as it’s also famous for its easy Australia PR Visa Process. If you are eager to move abroad, and are yet confused which country is the best, perhaps the ‘Land of Kangaroos’ is your answer.

Australia PR Visa
Australia PR Visa

The Australia PR Visa is given to the non citizens of Oz.  As a permanent resident they may live and work in the country indefinitely but they will not be regarded as its citizens. In recent years the number of immigrants, who are eager to become Australian permanent residents, has almost doubled.

Australia PR Visa Basic Requirements

Arrange all the key documents: It is of utter importance to arrange all the key documents that are essential to process the PR Visa. Apart from regular travel documents, you are required other two main documents, such as languages proficiency score and skill assessment by a relevant authorized body.

Choose the right visa: Success rate of your visa application largely depends if you have chosen the right visa category. Thus, you must choose the visa category only after deep consideration.

Select an occupation from the skilled occupation list (SOL) or consolidated occupation list: To multiply your success rate, it is important that you choose a profession from either of the two occupation lists– the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) or the Consolidated Occupation List.

Apply using the point based system: Once you have arranged all the required documents, chosen the right visa category and selected an occupation from the occupation list, it’s time to submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) using the online tool, SkillSelect. You will be awarded points on the basis of various factors such as age, experience, skills, language proficiency, experience, etc. To qualify, it is mandatory that you score at least 60 points.

Health and character certificates: It is vital that you are in a good health and have a good character certificate.

Australia PR Visa–Key Benefits

Some of the benefits enjoyed by the Australian permanent residents are as follow:-

  1. Live and work in the country indefinitely.
  2. Freedom to travel abroad any number of times.
  3. Automatically become eligible for Australian citizenship once you have lived and worked in Oz for at least four years.
  4. Permanent residents enjoy most of the rights and benefits just like its citizens including health and legal services at subsidized or zero rate.
  5. You can sponsor your relatives to the nation.
  6. Children born in the country are regarded as its citizens
  7. You can travel, live and work in New Zealand without acquiring any additional visa.

PR visa process for Australia is easy. you can make it much easier by consulting a PR visa immigration consultant. He will simplify the Australia Immigration PR visa procedure and set you free to enjoy the process.

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