Numerous Striking Improvements Proposed to Australia Skilled Migration Scheme

Australia Skilled Migration Scheme

Australia enjoys widespread popularity even as every year, a large number of people across the globe submit an application to move to the immigration hotspot. However, just a few lucky aspirants manage to make the cut and get approval under the yearly intake procedure.

In a recently presented comprehensive report to the Australian Government, titled ‘Migrant Intake into Australia’, the Australian Productivity Commission has reportedly advocated a series of important improvements, allegedly to re-calibrate permanent skilled migrants moving to the country through the nation’s Skilled Migration Scheme.

A few of the top proposals comprise cutting-down the age limit and proffering additional points for the secondary adult candidate’s expertise and attributes. Allegedly, the amendments proposed by the Commission may considerably change the manner Oz selects its intake of migrants.

Top Proposals

The important proposals are:

1. Decrease the Age Limit for Skilled Movement

The commission has advocated that Canberra mull decreasing the age limit of 50 years for permanent movement under the skill class, and give added importance in the points based arrangement for the comparatively younger immigrants. Still, the commission is reportedly keen that Oz duly maintains the existing capability to provide exemptions to the age norm for the predominantly skilled candidates.

2. Employ Skilled Occupations List as a Yardstick

It has been proposed that Canberra use the Skilled Occupations List as the lone basis for deciding the skill requirements for the different categories of the permanent skilled immigration scheme, comprising for those utilizing the Temporary Residence Transition Visa.

The commission has also recommended carrying-out a small pilot plan that duly tests the advantage of adding-on to the Skilled Occupations List with:

(A) A more granular treatment of some specific professions that cannot be assigned, without difficulty, to the various skill levels.
(B) The addition of particular, well defined, skill sets that are not profession specific.

3. Highest Points Must Go To Single Candidates

Main aspirants minus dependents should be offered the maximum level of additional points under the commission’s plan.

4. Main Candidate Should Obtain Additional Points for Less Important Candidate’s Skills/traits

As per the commission, Down Under should considerably boost–up to a given utmost–the contributing points to a main aspirant on the basis of the skill and other features of the adult secondary candidate.

5. Restructure ‘Points-system’ for Every Permanent Trained Migrant Petition

The commission has also advocated that the Administration follow a standard Points Arrangement for the whole permanent skill stream, however, in doing the same it should add points to a visa application by a main candidate who has received nomination from a recruiter/firm. At present, the selection requirements are rather different for the skilled migrant intake and ’employer-sponsored’ aspirants.

6. Review Partners & Adult Kids For Their English Ability

Under the plan of the commission, partners and adult kids should be evaluated on their English ability, work expertise, age, and education, apart from the assessments presently made of the chief visa candidates.

As per the Commission, close to 50% of visas given through the skilled migration category is for the less important aspirants even as there’s large possibility to employ those aspirants to improve the general quality of the intake.

Now What?

Presently, the Australian Immigration Body is about to mull over the different proposals of the commission even as it would reportedly take action sooner or later.

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