Care Homes to be affected with UK immigration cap!

The immigration cap for the next year has been announced by the UK government. Post this announcement, the care standards has claimed that it would fall down provided the government continues to restrict the number of migrant workers to be employed.

The annual cap on immigration to be introduced would cater to bringing down the number of work permits being granted to the foreign skilled migrants, especially those belonging to the nations not under the European Union.

According to Sheila Watson who heads two care homes in Essex, most of her staff belongs to nations not under the European Union. These migrant workers are highly trained nurses, professional and reliable and excellent English language skills. She considers this as a major problem. If it were possible to recruit local people, they would not have had a problem in advertising continuously. However, it is very rare to find such who are willing to work for such timelines. The working hours include seven days a week making it to 52 weeks a year. This makes for the job being very unsociable. So, obviously there are a few who would want to do such a job.

Watson operates the Howard Lodge in Brentwood and the Dudbrook Hall. She has 87 residents and 110 staff. It has been stated by the Essex Independent Care Association that the review does not cater to the difficulties being posed by the social care recruitment.

According to David Holroyd from this group, it has been projected very clearly that there is a crisis when it comes to social care. This has been shown many a times by the group. It has been a big success when it comes to recruitment from the non-EU nations. It greatly catered to the lack of willingness of the local citizens to work in this specific industry.

Above all, as the cap is being implemented, it is even more important to recognize the minutest of the details as the restricted numbers must cater to the desired results.

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