More Skilled Workers Needed in Australia!

A major project in Australia might lead to a major demand for foreign skilled migrants, especially the foreign trained engineers. The nation is gearing up for the construction of the National Broadband Network. This huge project is expected to raise the current demand for more visa applications to the nation.

According to Graham Bradley, the President for Business Council, there is already a shortage of skills in the mining industry in the nation. It is obvious that the current demand would simply rise as this project continues to progress. It might cause a problem as the pace of these new projects continues to expedite. This acceleration is specifically being witnessed in Queensland and Western Australia.

It has been suggested by Bradley that making the rules a bit more flexible, especially for 457 visas which is meant for the skilled migrants. This visa permits the employers in Australia to sponsor foreign skilled migrants.

However, it has been argued by Chris Bowen, the Immigration Minister for Australia there is no specific limits regarding the number of engineers to be sponsored under this visa. More so, the program is working as desired. At the same time, Chris Evans, the Employment Minister is also working on a program for training of domestic workers to cater to the skill shortages in the nation.

The above is a Critical Skills Investment fund catering to about AUS$200 million. The main objective of this program is to create 39,000 new training places. Similarly, the National Broadband Network caters to another $35.7 billion. The main aspect of this project is to offer high-speed Internet to about 93 percent of the Australian homes. In the history of Australia, this is the largest infrastructure project.

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