Career Opportunities in Dentistry in Canada!

Going by the fact that people are becoming more and more conscious about oral hygiene, we can be sure about one thing that Dentistry industry is evolving with times and its demand is not going to vanish! As people are emphasizing on oral hygiene, medical aspirants are also taking special interest in dentistry in order to pursue occupations related to this field. The demand of a dentist or dental surgeon cannot be overlooked. The good thing is that with education and awareness the entire world is all for maintaining a good dental health, which spells to a high demand for dentists.

The best part of this occupation is that its demand is recognized worldwide, including country like Canada. As we all know, Canada being one of the most welcoming countries when it comes to immigration of overseas skilled people, the route for dentists to this country is open!

Here is a little about the occupation

A dentist is the professional who diagnoses, and then provide treatment in order to prevent and control dental disorders in people. Dentistry includes a number of specializations, thus people may apply to different job titles based on their specializations. Some of the important job titles included in this group are;

  • Dentists
  • Endodontists
  • Orthodontists

These are also some of the job titles Canada have been generating vacancies for. Let’s have a look at some of the main duties attached to the occupation of a dentist:

  • A dentist diagnoses teeth and gums for decay, disease and injury.
  • He plans treatment to address various disorders.
  • He performs various oral surgeries.
  • He corrects improper positioning of teeth/jaw; fits dentures; projects bridgework; and many more.

Eligibility Criteria

If foreign nationals who have studied dentistry want to pursue the career of a dentist in Canada can give second thought to their immigration plans. Canada makes one of the best options to practice dentistry, for the country is known for recognizing skills and offering some of the competitive salary packages in the world. Have a look at what aspirants are required to possess in order to practice the occupation of a dentist in Canada:

  • A foreign-born aspirant is required to have 1-4 years of pre-dentistry university studies. As for Quebec, the criteria can be different. Contact an eminent Immigration consultant to know about the same!
  • As Canada has many provinces, it requires an aspirant to obtain the license to practice the occupation from the respective provincial regulatory body where the person wishes to pursue his/her practice.
  • Licensing for specializations is also required.
  • For further information, contact [email protected]

A license to practice dentistry is a must for every prospective practitioner, regardless of education or experience they have gathered over the years. Mostly, people with skills and education are eligible to immigrate to Canada and pursue a good career out of their occupations. This makes the right time to think about your overseas plans when the worldwide dentistry industry is skyrocketing! Canada offers opportunities in abundance and there would hardly be any disappointment!

With our guidance, we can assure you a hassle-free pre landing arrangement too!

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