Career Scope in Hong Kong!

There is no denying to this fact that Hong Kong has one of the best economies in the world. Being close to a job market like China, allows one to get involve in some of the ace and professional employment opportunities that one can ask for! So, people intending to immigrate to other countries should spare one minute here and consider thinking HONG KONG as their prospective destination! And here are the reasons, why you should do that:

Far, far, far better salaries! The country offers so much to people that they tend to experience high salaries and low taxes in almost every occupation they indulge themselves into! So what if the cost of living is on a higher side? When you have something flaunt it! And that’s what Hong Kong is all about!!! On one side, they are offering you some of the best fat pay drafts in town, and on the other hand, if the cost of living is slightly on the higher side, then what’s wrong in that?

Shopping is also a pleasure in Hong Kong! Starting from expensive products to cheap buys, the nation has it all!

Safety: Hong Kong is one of the safest countries to live in! The crime rate is so low that one can walk freely on streets at night! Also, being a perfect tourist destination, you will hardly find any shortage of accommodation (say a good hotel) to live in!

Job Opportunities

Commerce and Service sector occupations are in high demand in Hong Kong. Not to forget the jobs in engineering market too! People linked with jobs in banks and financial sectors can find an ocean full of wonderful jobs in Hong Kong.


The working week expands till 48-50 hours.  When we talk about an IT profession, the average salary comes out to be US$52,000. In addition to this, “ex-pat” packages are provided by some firms, packages which include additional benefits like medical facilities, to name a few.

Average salary of technical workers comes out to be somewhere between HK$8,642 and HK$20,745.

Other facets:

Expatriate executives are entitled to pay taxes. It depends upon your income level and designation as to what all taxes you are entitled to pay. In addition to this, is an expatriate has already given equivalent taxes to some other nation, he does not have to pay the salaries tax in nation.

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