Several Changes in American Visa in offing, Reveals Chief of American Counselor Services

Chief of consular services (American consulate) in Chennai, Nicholas J Manring noted a change in the US visa policy that is in offing, under this, children (below 14 years of age) will get a privilege to exempt from visiting American Consulate for getting the US visas, under the interview waiver program. This is the most prominent change in the US visa laws, which is to be introduced in future, revealed by him.

Thus far, the age limitation for children was 7 years, now will be fixed below 14 years. “We are in the favor of children less than 14 years of age to stay in schools,” he stated.

Nicholas however also indicated that the victory of Obama as US president for his second term is likely to bring more changes in the US visa policy (especially H-1B visa), while delivering a speech on the US visa policy on Wednesday at the Kanara Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Mangalore. The H1B visa grants Indian residents to stay and work in the United States for a longer time period.

He also said that these laws are not determined only by the president, more by the American congress and Senate.

Chennai based UK consulate handles approximate 25 percent of H-1B visas of the worldwide. Nicholas revealed, “We witness processing of 2, 36000 visa applications in the past 12 months, at Chennai and also highlighted the growth of 1.4 %.

He continued, “We also handled nearly 29 percent of business visa, widely known as LIA and LIB.” Reviewing the steady growth in the US student visa applicants, Manring said, “We anxiously welcome to the students who plan to study in the US as they are very important for us.

He however also talked on the recent instance where many students were discovered with some US based universities that were shut down and such students unethically pushing their way into the country through such universities.

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