What after applying Skilled – Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional) (subclass 489) Visa?

Those applicants, who submit their applications successfully, get a letter of acknowledgement for confirmation and then their applications are passed to the case officer for assessment. The applicants are informed in regard of that they have a case officer and be provided an email address for all future correspondences.

The decision on the applicants’ applications is made by the department on the basis of information provided from them. Besides, they ask you to offer some additional documents that must be attached online.

The applicants need to take a look at the below mentioned information as they may be asked to provide additional documents relating to the same.

Health Requirements: The principle applicants and their dependents need to satisfy certain health parameters. They will be however informed by the department regarding arrangement of the health examination.

Character Requirements: Aside from health, the applicants need to satisfy character requirement. It explains that the applicants and their dependents must offer police certificates to satisfy the requirements.

Biometrics: The candidates will be asked to offer biometrics, which is a scientific type of identification, as part of their application.

Chance to comment: The applicants are fully entitled to get a chance to comment on the provided information only if found adverse information, could be cause of visa refusal.  The department will then invite the applicants to comment on that information by the mentioned date.

New Changes: The applicant needs to inform the department in following circumstances;

  1. New employment offer
  2. Changing the new address
  3. New passport
  4. In case of adding or changing the person, assisting you and also authorized to act on behalf of your application
  5. New birth or death of any family members
  6. If the applicant wants to add his/her dependent’s child to the application
  7. If the principle applicants and their family are keen to visit (or from) Australia during processing of their applications

Possibility of withdrawing visa application: The applicants are however allowed to withdraw their applications at any stage while processing. You just need to send a letter of withdrawal, containing full name, DOB, transaction record number and date of application, to the department. Those, 18 years of age or more need to sign a letter of withdrawal.

Bridging Visa: People who wish to travel outside the land of kangaroos, need to obtain the Bridging visa that grants them to stay and return to the country. Those who have already valid visas, which allowed them travel inside or outside Australia, need not to apply for the Bridging visa.

Visa approval: If your application gets approved by the department, then you will be entitled to get a letter along with following details;

  1. Visa approval number
  2. Details for next step
  3. Visa conditions, containing an initial entry date

Visa disapproval: In case of visa disapproval, the candidate receives a letter that contains following details;

  1. Reason for disapproval
  2. Applicants’ review right, if possible
  3. Exact time frame regarding filing an appeal, if possible

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