Reforms on Points-Based System will not be announced until January 2013, reveals Jason Kenney

Canadian government was slated to announce the revised immigration policy by introducing several changes to the points-based system for skilled migrants, now seems that the new reforms will not be released until January 2013. People, who apply under the skilled migration program to migrate to Canada, will have to wait for long to get complete details.

Canadian immigration, citizenship and multiculturalism minister Jason Kenney, who came with an announcement of suspension of the program (Federal Skilled Worker Class) due to a huge backlog in July this year, also revealed that the program will not be resumed (after revising) until January 2013.

He also stated the following facts under the new changes

  1. Young migrants will be given more importance
  2. Language proficiency will remain be the most compulsory requirement, so the importance will be given to the aptitude in both English and French languages
  3. Those who earned work experience in Canada will get more preference than those who earned it outside the country
  4.  Establishment of the new system for verifying the foreign qualification
  5. Points will be given for the language proficiency of the applicant’s partner (spouse)
  6. Provision of establishment of skilled trades stream to handle the scarcity of skilled tradespersons in Canada

Kenney, however, made it clear that the full details will be provided in the next year. Meanwhile, he got both plaudits and criticism for his way of reforming Canada immigration policy. He witnessed a huge backlog of applications under the FSWP (Federal Skilled Worker Program) that forced him to take even the controversial decision of returning the application fees to those who applied before 2008. He faced a huge criticism for his decision, affected a large number of applicants, and also faced legal challenges for this!

Kenney however got appreciation for his idea of introducing Canadian Experience Class (CEC) visa that is an important way for those foreign students and skilled workers who lived and worked in Canada, to apply for permanent residents. He also earned a great accolade for his effort to extend the Provincial Nominee Program that matches job vacancies with foreign skilled workers.

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