Open Your Doors Of Prosperity With Business Migration To New Zealand

The word ‘business’ is in totality a reflection of an investment opportunity that depends much on the economy, demography and the business environment at any nation. Migration of business to any geography must therefore be sufficed with statistical substantiation, economic indicators and policy integration. The World Bank has reportedly identified New Zealand as the leading nation that protects its investors (Doing Business report, 2011). Transparency International too speaks about the lack of corruption in New Zealand (Corruption Perceptions Index, 2010) and how it prohibits protectionism to facilitate FDI ‘Foreign Direct Investment’ (World Competitiveness Yearbook, 2010).

Business migration to New Zealand is further facilitated with a simplified tax system that boasts of a 3rd quickest submission time for filing tax obligations (Paying taxes, World Bank Doing Business, 2010). The government too has added to the synergism by reducing the corporate income tax to 30% and cutting back on payroll tax, social security tax & capital-gains tax. For the budding entrepreneurs and the business conglomerates, New Zealand places itself as 3rd across the globe for ease in conducting business (World Bank Doing Business, 2011). Reportedly, to start a business in New Zealand consumes just one single day and two to register a property.

Business migration to New Zealand is what drives NZTE ‘New Zealand Trade & Enterprise’ to run a single window of contact for the investors.  NZTE brings together all the investment specialists at New Zealand to provide the investors ‘finished’ information to relocate business to New Zealand. NZTE together with the international investors help identify the most-potential & high-growth strategic sectors as enablers for future businesses. The investors are provided an in-depth market analysis based on expert advice about future prospects, investment opportunities, policy framework and regulatory obligations. NZTE also bases its recommendations based on market based cooperative feasibility studies for an effective decision making on part of the policy makers. For an effective business migration the policy administrators at New Zealand have –

  • Identified potential investment sectors
  • Presented these ‘opportunities’ to the investors for a likely investment decision
  • Removed the potential obstacles through consensus building and co-ordinated investment
  • Facilitated access to the evolving opportunities

NZTE’s initiatives too have made way for a robust network with its global representatives offering support & advice in New Delhi, Hong-Kong, Melbourne, London, Seoul, Los Angeles and New York.

With an objective to attract investors to invest in New Zealand the visas for business migration too have been ‘customized’ as per user class. Long Term Business Visas are being provided for a three year period for the applicant to first gather an active experience of the business and then apply for the residence at New Zealand. The Entrepreneur Visas aim to attract entrepreneurs who can contribute to the economy as part of economy. The applicant should have had a two year experience of the business in New Zealand with a 25% share-holding of the enterprise. Most importantly, the Investor Visa aim to allure migrants to invest in the economy in New Zealand as Global investors (> $20million), Professional investors (investing at least $10 million and General investors (investing at least $ 2.5 million). Cumulatively, New Zealand does seem to be a good propagating ground for the business migration to take place in an efficient manner.

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