What is the Australian Immigration IELTS Requirement 2012?

Australia is one of the favourite destinations for many Indians. There are multiple reasons behind Australia being one of the most sought after countries for immigrants. Firstly, it offers good lifestyle. Secondly, it provides better work opportunities. Thirdly, there are many Indians and Indian communities in Australia which makes you feel home. Fourthly, the rules and regulations are impartial and the list is long.

Some people wants to immigrate because they want to study in the country, some people wants to immigrate because they want to grab the job opportunities in the country, some want to immigrate as their relatives are in the country and so on. Almost for all types of visa approval, applicants need knowledge of English language. The level of applicants’ English knowledge is judged via test known as IELTS. IELTS stands for ‘International English Language Testing System’.

Applicants need to give a test conducted by IELTS and then receive score card. The score card provides points from 0 to 10. More the points mean better the English. IELTS score card provides a valid proof of your language proficiency. Australian Immigration IELTS requirement 2012 varies on the basis of visa. Australian immigration and citizenship department has made some changes in their visa policies for Australian skill select visa applicants. The level of English required has been raised for them according to new policy. You must be thinking how level of English knowledge can be discriminated objectively. So here it is:-

  1. No English- These are the applicants with very little understanding of English language and they don’t score any points for any point based visa application.
  2. Limited English- If one lies under this category, it means he/she has scored somewhere near 0 to 4 in his/ her IELTS test. Still they will not any points for this score.
  3. Functional English-This level of English knowledge also won’t be able to fetch any points. At least 4.5 in the IELTS test proves that you have functional English knowledge
  4. Better than Functional/ Vocational English- Now this can be a little helpful. You can reach this level only if you score minimum 5 points in each of the 4 modules of the test. If you score this much in your IELTS test then you will receive 15 points in the GSM points test but you need to be sponsored for a skilled trade profession. This is the minimum IELTS requirement for skilled sponsored applicants.
  5. Concessional Competent English – If your average score in IELTS is 5.5 then you belong to concessional competent English level. You can score 15 points in GSM points test if you have applied for skilled-regional sponsored visa. You will have to pay fee to attend English language classes in a relevant state or territory.
  6. Competent English-Score 6 points in all the 4 modules and reach the level of competent English. If you have English knowledge of competent level then you will be granted 15 points without any condition or compulsion to attending English classes.
  7. Proficient English – It’s an honour to be in this category. You need to score at least 7 points in all the modules of IELTS.  If you reach this level then you will be awarded with 25 points in the GSM points test.

According to Australian Skill select IELTS requirement minimum score is 6 and to earn points you need 7 or 8 points in IELTS. So be prepared and score high.

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