Changes in the Canadian Immigration Causes Drop in Foreign Caregivers!

Recent changes in the Canadian immigration rules have brought many changes in the lifestyle of the Canadian people. The Minister for Canadian Immigration, Jason Kenney has made it compulsory for those families who have hired live-in nurses for children or elderly people to pay for their travel expense, medical insurance, worker’s compensation premium and other necessary expenses.

This is proving extremely expensive for those families who were hiring overseas caregivers for their family needs. This has caused about seventy to ninety percent drop in the number of job opportunities for oversees nurses since the last three months when Immigration Canada’s Foreign Live-in Caregiver Program introduced its changes which were implemented recently.

These changes have made it quite difficult for the Canadian families to hire foreign caregivers. In fact, it has made it quite an expensive investment for families in Canada who cannot even be sure of any protection just in case the nurse proves to be an illegal immigrant.

In this no-exit situation, Canadian families have very little scope for themselves and they are vulnerable to those applicants who may turn out to be illegal later on. This is discouraging the families to hire any foreign care-givers which in turn is leading to a reduction in the job opportunities for them in Canada. Foreign nurses and nannies for children were quite in demand in Canada but due to the changes in policy, the demand has lowered. In fact, many care giver agencies have stopped running their business. This is definitely affecting the common life of many Canadian families who are surviving without care-givers which in turn may affect the overall productivity of the country.

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