Changes to Skilled Occupations List Benefit Australian IT Industry!

Many Australian industry bodies are all praise about the recent changes to the country’s skilled occupations list. Many think that the new list would permit more IT professionals to enter Australia in the coming times. The changes will definitely be instrumental in meeting the skills shortage in many industries, especially IT that they have been facing. These changes are likely to be in force since July.

The changes are an attempt to revive the harmony of the skilled migration program of Australia, said the country’s immigration minister. The difference between the previous and the latest skilled occupation list is that in the former the job titles were very specific, whereas the job titles in the new list are more generic. The bottom-line is that the latest skilled occupations list provides flexibility to both migrants and employers.

The Australian Information Industry Association’s chairman appreciated the changes to the occupations list for the skilled professionals, saying that the jobs in the new list are simplified, as compared to the earlier one. He acknowledged that the changes would not only have an impact on the number of people coming to Australia, it also gives employers the ability to typify their needs in terms of skills.

Being one of the biggest users of the Australian migration program, IT industry will be benefited from the changes significantly. The changes are a solution to the industry’s current skills shortage. As the head of the Australian Computer Society said, the new skilled occupations list would be instrumental in attracting overseas workers under the skilled visa categories, thereby making the workforce stronger!

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