Wikileaks Founder Got Clearance on Passport!

In a recent occasion, the passport of Julian Assange was seized by Australian police on his arrival at Melbourne last week, reason being his passport was looking worn. Assange is the founder of the Wikileaks, the organization known for publishing submissions and sensitive organizational documents without disclosing the anonymity of the sources. However, he was handed over the document by the immigration officials later when he arrived at the Melbourne airport, Australia.

In the immigration database, the officials recognized Assange’s passport as ‘normal’, reports say. And with a normal passport, a person can travel freely as he wishes. The document worn-out condition made the police obstruct him in Melbourne. Immigration officials sometimes take travelers’ passports for sometimes if they appear to be dull in condition. But, in the Wikileaks founder’s case, they returned the passport about 15 minutes later.

Reportedly, Assange was once obstructed by an Australian Federal Police officer back in the year 1991. The officer then performed a check inside one of his bags and enquired Assange about his criminal record pertaining to computer hacking offences. Later, it was confirmed that the police officer was ordered by the office of Communication Minister to enquire about disclosure of the blacklist of Australian government’s banned websites. According to reports, the case is now dropped!

Julian Assange is an Australian but he does not own a permanent base in his native country. He was caught saying that Australia is one of several countries where he does not feel safe!

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