Charlotte, US Requires H-1B Visas to Fill Tech Job Openings

Are you involved with Information Technology (IT) sector, and wish to immigrate to the US, for job objects? If yes, you will be rather happy to note that, at present, there is a high requirement of the professionals like you in the country, especially in Charlotte, the second biggest city and a commercial centre in the US state of North Carolina.

As per a report, firms in Charlotte want more overseas manpower on the H-1B Visas to fill a large number of job openings in the IT segment. For those not tuned in, the H-1B Visa enables the American firms to take on foreign labor force, on an impermanent basis, to fill the job-openings requiring extremely trained workers.

Recruiters/organizations in Charlotte reportedly state that the H-1B federal visa scheme facilitates them to engage for job responsibilities that get too few local candidates with the required abilities & qualifications.

In the meantime, according to some detractors, some groups exploit the H-1B Scheme as a means of substituting the local American employees with cheap, overseas workers.

Critical Observations

The H-1B Visa Plan is already exceedingly regulated and controlled. One has to give the “prevailing wage” for the employment opportunity in the area where the H-1B Visa worker will do a job. Against this backdrop, it is not easy to usher-in manpower from out-of-the-country as “cheap labour” on the H-1B Visa Programme.

Some specific newspapers/journals and individuals, like Donald Trump, tend to amplify “problems” generated by immigrants, say, on the H-1B Visa Plan. Even there’s no denying the truth that some abuses do take place, on the whole, the H-1B Visa employees are assisting to fill skills famines, in the process, aiding the national economy and creating a large number of employment opportunities in the country.

Charlotte Has High Requirement for H-1B Visa Workers

The requirement for the H-1B Visa manpower is high countrywide. During the month of April, the H-1B Visa allotment went to a lottery as demand surpassed supply inside seven days.

While 85,000 H-1B Visas are offered every year, this year the USCIS obtained 236,000 H-1B-plus visa petitions for the 2017 fiscal year (FY17). During the previous financial year, the immigration body obtained 233,000 applications.

Significantly, in Charlotte, the demand hit roof. Allegedly, 100s of the recruiters/firms filed initial petitions in 2015 for over 16,500 H-1B employees situated in the Charlotte metro region.

While a good number of the petitions were for presented technology jobs, the 16,500 H-1B employees represent a number that’s bigger than the whole personnel of some of Charlotte’s biggest recruiters/firms.

People–who support the H-1B Visa Plan, which includes several local recruiters/firms–reportedly highlight a dearth of skilled technology talent, thanks to which 1000s of the computing jobs have been left open throughout the state. Allegedly, a famine of computer science majors graduating worsens the issue.

India Primary Source of H-1B Visa Employees

It’s an open secret that India is a top user of the H-1B Visas. Some specialists on the issue attribute this to the truth that technology is a well-liked domain of study among the young, English-speaking people of Indian and they are ready to immigrate to the US, for job purposes. Federal government information discloses that 70% of the H-1B Visas offered in 2014 were offered to those with Indian roots.

As per an evaluation of official federal data, through the Charlotte metro region, nine out of 10 recruiters/firms–originally submitting an application for the visa employees in 2015–happened to be outsourcing groups.

Across the whole state of Northern Carolina, 33,400 were applied for by the recruiters/firm during 2015. Over the course of the past couple of years, thanks to the H-1B Visa quota, a good number of these petitions will not be endorsed.

For Charlotte, that’s hardly positive news, since the federal statistics reveals a 39% rise increase in the figure of the petitions duly presented by the different city firms during 2015, vis-à-vis 2014. The figure of the applications submitted nationwide headed north by 25%.

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