Know How to Identify Hong Kong Immigration Fraudsters

Hong Kong is one of the major global financial centers. It has a highly competitive economy and follows the norm of ‘one country, two states’. Known for deep natural harbor and skyline the country has a lot to offer.

Due to its strong economy, it is fast becoming a top notch immigration destination, especially for the business professionals and skilled workers who look at it as full of opportunities.

If Hong Kong immigration is on your mind and you wish to take the services of immigration agents, then you must be fully aware of the cases of frauds unearthed in the industry.

Immigration is an important act in the life of the prospective immigrants, a lot of money is involved in it. Before you take the services of a Hong Kong immigration agent it becomes all the more vital to do a research just to avoid becoming a real victim of immigration fraud.

As today’s immigration industry has grown like never before, many professionals from the field are genuine, and are here to help the prospective immigrants but some of them are bogus and in the business to  lure soft targets, and make easy money. In the last few years there has been an increase in the number of bogus immigration firms.

Hong Kong Immigration Fraudsters

How to identify an immigration fraudster?

The crucial and the easy way to find-out if an agent is fraud, is to check their credentials. First of all, legitimate immigration agents are registered. Secondly, do your own research. Speak to those who have earlier used their services. Go through the reviews and then decide.

  • Do not trust an immigration agent blindly. Before your visa application is submitted, make sure that the immigration agent has duly signed the form. If their signs are missing, this means there is something wrong. If the agent refuses to sign the application, it could mean he is either not registered or does not have the license. Often these kinds of agents are referred as ‘Ghost Agents’.
  • Fraud agents often emphasize on their contacts and strong network with the Hong Kong embassy. Check their background and do not completely rely on their contacts.
  • Bluffing is a common art. Scammers are very experienced fake professionals. It’s easy for them to lure prospective immigrants and make them believe in what they are saying. During the whole process, many false promises and assurances are given, but once the money is paid the real image becomes visible.
  • At times, applicants are assured of work permit once they reach Hong Kong. However, there is no truth in it. These kinds of applicants are often referred as illegal immigrants and are deported right away to their native country.
  • Newspaper advertisements are major honey trap. Many a times, advertisements are posted that promise 100% assurance of a job and visa to your dream country. A simple form is asked to fill and pay a registration fee which may be couple of thousands. Be aware of such advertisements. These are nothing but a trap.

These are just some of the very common types of immigration scams which are currently in existence when it comes to Hong Kong immigration.

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