UK Immigration Charlatans May Take You for a Ride

The UK is a very popular immigration destination even as a large number of people from all over the world are eager to move to the country. Its high standard of living, thriving night life, and impressively growing economy, exotic natural beauty, and striking tourist places inspire them no end. Adding to the charm of the UK is its immigrant-friendly image.

Though the UK is an immigrant friendly nation, it’s not possible for London to grant visa to every aspirant. The UK Immigration organization has tough immigration laws to make sure that only the most capable and most genuine aspirants get a chance to immigrate to UK.

Many of those whose visa application is rejected sometimes fall into the hands of visa fraudsters.

UK Immigration Scams

Many crooked UK agents pretending to be real agents are known to lure disappointed candidates and promise them a job and a visa in exchange of money. Scammers capture the minds of the vulnerable which costs these victims a lot.

One needs to know that the assurance is not real and it’s just a honey trap to lure desperate applicants and make money. It is also a criminal offence and the service providers and applicants may land in prison.

Misinterpretation of documents and information is an offense. Online crimes and submission of fake documents to the government is also recognised as a major criminal offense. By submitting false information, one puts themselves through a lot of trouble. Even if it is completed by someone else, it would be you who would be held responsible for it. Several migrants across the globe are being stripped of their citizenship and are being sent off back to their native countries.

Many fake websites are put up to make people believe that they are getting various immigration offers at a good deal. These websites make people pay even as they provide no service at all.

UK Visa Offer via Fake Marriages

Significantly, several so-called visa agents trap aspirants with fake marriage offers with a citizen. Marriage fraud is the act of getting married to someone with the sole purpose of gaining citizenship in a nation and pretending to be in love with their partner. One needs to be strictly alert and on their guard against such offers.

In the UK the government is thinking and planning to make such laws that protect its citizens and others from fake marriages. The UK knows about these crimes since every year multiple such cases are reported. The government on its part offers handsome rewards to those who inform the law enforcement agencies of illegal immigrants.

One can report such cases or suspicious activities on the Immigrants and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at 1-866-DHS-2ICE (347-2423). Your reports will go through the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau and analyzed to see if they can be used as part of a police investigation.

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