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Canada is a geographically mammoth nation; it is a huge nation by economy also. It proffers marvellous possibilities and facilities for all, including the natives and the outsiders. As per a report, the Maple Leaf Country is also one of the most liveable nations in the world even as the Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) is something that much inspires the global community of migrants, especially those interested in enjoying world-class educational and healthcare facilities, and becoming Canada permanent residents.

Canada Permanent Residents
Canada Permanent Residents

Yes, the nation enjoys worldwide popularity for its unique diversity of culture & the high-quality way of life! The breaks that come with the wonderful economic scenarios assist several individuals get an improved lifestyle. No wonder, most migrants to the Maple Leaf Country make all possible efforts to get its prized PR and become Canada Permanent Residents.

Canada Permanent Residents–FAQs

What are the advantages of the Canadian PR?

Numerous benefits greet the lucky PR holders.

  1. Become Permanent Resident: With the PR in the nation, you get the position of permanent resident of the Maple Leaf Country, via which you can stay, do a job or study at any place in the nation and enjoy numerous other benefits comparable to citizens of the nation.
  2. Sponsor qualified family members: You can offer sponsorship to your entitled family members to come to the hotspot and get PR there in.
  3. Apply for Citizenship: As a permanent resident you can submit a petition for citizenship, post spending some time in the nation.
  4. Unrestricted liberty to do a job anywhere in the country: As a Canadian permanent resident you get the freedom to offer your professional services anywhere in the country, under any recruiter, barring some high security government employment opportunities.
  5. Access to the funded education: As a Canadian permanent resident, you have the access to the heavily supported post-secondary education being offered by the federal and also the provincial administrations in the country.

What is a Canada PR Visa?

It is the chief way via which the permanent residents in the nation can illustrate their position, and is the only paper that permits the permanent residents to come back to the Maple Leaf Country, via the air route.

Who is qualified for the PR Card?

To be qualified for a Permanent Resident Card you must be a permanent resident of the nation; be physically present in the country; not be under an actual removal order; not have citizenship of the nation or a registered Indian under the Indian Act; and not be found guilty of a crime associated with the misappropriation of a PR card.

For what period I can you live out of Canada?

If you are a permanent resident, it is possible for you to reside outside of the Maple Leaf Country, but you must reside in the nation for not less than two years, in a five-year period. In case you reside outside of the hotspot for a longer period, you risk losing your PR position.

Is there requirement for a PR Card holder to travel back to Canada?

In case you are a permanent resident, you require showing that you have binding PR standing when you arrive back in the country. Your PR Card is the best evidence of the standing. As per the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), it does not matter how you actually move back to the Maple Leaf Country, but it is mandatory that you demonstrate to the concerned Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) official that you possess legal PR standing. It applies to each and every family member who is a permanent resident, comprising kids.

What is the best way to apply for Canada PR from India?

Express Entry System is the best method for the purpose. It is essentially a new point based immigration arrangement of the nation, via which you can get PR in the hotspot. For the purpose, you can use one of these economic schemes under Express Entry, namely, the Federal Skilled Worker Programme, the Federal Skilled Trades Programme, or the Canadian Experience Class.

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