Figure Out the Key Steps to Apply for Canada Permanent Resident Card

Apply for Canada Permanent Resident Card

Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada is a much sought after status, rightfully so. After all, who will not love to reside permanently in one of the most developed global economies? Every individual, who moves to Canada as a permanent resident, obtains a Permanent Resident Card (earlier called a Maple Leaf Card).

Though the PR Card has undergone some changes in appearance over the years, it, at all times, contains your photo and also the details related to its issuance and termination.

It is basically a wallet-sized plastic card containing the relevant information (height, eye colour, and sex) on the cardholder and also a laser-engraved picture & signature. Additional personal information is encoded on the card even as it is used only by the duly approved Canadian Immigration Officers.

Canada Permanent Resident Card
Canada Permanent Resident Card

The main object of your Canada Permanent Resident Card is to demonstrate your permanent resident position in the nation: at the time of coming back from travelling overseas, at the time of submitting an application for employment opportunities, and engaging the various government bodies in the nation.

You require your PR Card to move and to do a job.

Major steps to apply for Permanent Resident Card Canada for those who lack family in the country

For majority of the individuals, who do not have close relatives in the nation, they will present a petition for the prized Permanent Residence (PR) in the country in one of two ways.

1 You may submit an application via a provincial government scheme known as the Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP). Every specific Canadian province has the right to choose the immigrants even as they their own specific needs.

2 You may submit an application to become a permanent resident, via the Express Entry System run by the Federal administration.

The entire time spent for the application processing varies broadly on the basis of the kind of petition and the province. Though it will normally take not less than 1 year, you could make a trip, do a job or pursue studies in the Maple Leaf Country while the petition is being processed.

Permanent residents can submit a petition for a Permanent Resident Card at any time post moving to the nation. This card confirms their unique standing as a permanent resident of the Maple Leaf Country.

The permanent residents–making plans to re-enter the nation on commercial carriers (plane, train, bus and water vessels)–will have to produce their Permanent Resident Card to corroborate their PR position, prior to boarding.

The Permanent Residents not having the card will have to submit an application for a Temporary Travel Document from the nearest Canadian Immigration Visa Bureau with a view to move to the nation on a commercial mode of transportation.

Is it compulsory to carry my PR Card while I am about to move to the nation?

It is mandatory that you, in your capacity as a Permanent Resident (PR), carry and present your valid PR Card or permanent resident travel document (PRTD) at the time of boarding a flight to the nation, or travelling to it on any other commercial mode of transportation. In case you do not carry your PR card or the PRTD, you may be denied the right to board your carrier to the hotspot.

It is also your duty to guarantee that your PR Card is still legally valid when you come back from travel outside the country, and to submit an application for a fresh PR Card when your present card loses its validity.

What’s the procedure to apply for a PR Card Renewal?

The application procedure to renew a Permanent Resident Card for Canada requires the people to file form IMM 5444, and put forward the necessary papers with a view to trade the card that has lost its legitimacy or will soon lose its legitimacy. It is possible to substitute the lost, stolen, ruined or expired immigration papers or certificates offered by Ottawa. With a view to have a PR Card renewed, it is compulsory that you duly present a petition and shell-out the appropriate processing charges.

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