Check Latest Changes Involving Australia Immigration Skill List for Assured Movement to Victoria

Australia Immigration Skill List

Under the new demand put forward by the Information and Communication Technology (ICT)) in Victoria, Australia, the Department of immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) is all set to introduce new rules that will take effect from the fall of 2018. As per the latest ruling, 11 occupations have been eliminated from the Australia immigration skill list for Victoria.

Australia Immigration Skill List
Australia Immigration Skill List

Further discussions have been going on this topic even while the decisions would be taken after the month of July. As of now this visa has been turning debatable and much discussed upon.

For the immigrants presenting an application under immigration skill list for Australia, they need to understand the latest updates as well. It is crucial to be on the safer side and to make the cut. Without knowing the most recent updates you will not be able to realize your overseas immigration dreams.

If you are submitting an application for Victoria under the ICT, you have to ensure that the new changes have been considered in the first place.

Follow the steps mentioned below to ensure that you application stands strong and you get the approval to move to Victoria.

  1. In the first stage of the application you will have to check with the guidelines and parameters that have been set by the DIBP.
  2. Upon getting the much needed acknowledgement to proceed further, you must go for the Expression of Interest (EoI). In the EoI, you will have to express why you want to move and stay in Victoria. Make sure that your EoI is rather rational and convincing. If you fail to convince those who matter, you will not get a chance to move; it’s a fact. But with the right approach, it will be easier to move and stay in Oz. Basically the concerned authorities wish to know if they are allowing the right person or not. In case they feel in any manner that you are not the right person or your approach is not right, they will not ask you to submit an application for movement.
  3. Guarantee that you are checking your e-mails regularly. The DIBP will send the e-mails on any day, and it is vital that you reply to them on time, else the opportunity will pass on to the next individual. The department has set up a time frame in which the reply must be given, so you will have to manage with that and remain prompt over the mail. Now that won’t be very difficult for you, right? All you need to do is open your in-box regularly or from time to time to check your mails and move on to the next course of action.
  4. Submit online application for Victoria immediately after receiving the invitation. Early birds get all the worms–you must surely have heard about it. So, do not miss the boat and the chance to move to you preferred hotspot! The timeline should be in between 14 days from the acceptance of the invitation. It is mandatory for you to demonstrate the skills you have in the acknowledgement mail along with respective certification. If you fail however, the opportunity would be snatched away. Take into consideration the fact that certification will be the ground based on which you can take the next step.
  5. Upon getting successfully nominated, you will receive a skillset visa from the Victorian Government and won’t that be something to feel very happy about?
  6. Confirm that you have submitted the visa to DIBP within 60 days after getting nominated under the skilled visa list.

With all these guidelines met, you can easily present a petition for Australia immigration under skill list.

The Australian immigration skill list is a golden opportunity for the skilled and trained to achieve the most difficult pursuits. Needless to say, you are always welcome to get in touch with a reputed and experienced visa consultancy dealing with Australia immigration. You will certainly improve your chances if you really do that.

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