Chinese-Canadian Historical Recognition Project Gets Canadian Government Support!

According to reports, CIC will provide funds to the efforts of the University of British Columbia to protect the priceless knowledge of Chinese-Canadian legacy. In an attempt to do so, one effort is to archive project material prepared under the Community Historical Recognition Program (CHRP).

In addition to this, there are plenty of attempts which have been made in an effort to preserve the Chinese-Canadian Historical Recognition Project. It has been confirmed by Dr. Alice Wong from the Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism department.

He went on to say that courtesy the efforts of the UBB project, this priceless history would be preserved for the betterment of all the nationals. Also, the (CHRP) has provided funds for so many projects which acquaint us with the history and vast knowledge behind the Chinese community in Canada.

An amount of receive $900,000 for a 25-month project would be received by the University of British Columbia. Here are the facets which would be created by the project:

  • A website would be created depicting the history of the Chinese community and civilization in Canada.
  • A digital archive which would be accessible all over Canada and would be housed at UBC.
  • Three ‘Mobile Museum’ kiosks
  • Learning resources for the students. The resources would be based on the archived projects.

It is a great step in ensuring that the legacy of Chinese-Canadian culture is preserved throughout.

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