Two Pakistani Arrested For Working Illegally In UK Restaurant!

Recently, the officers of UK Border Agency arrested two Pakistani employees working illegally in a restaurant in Grimsby. Last week they visited Mr. Chips, the employer of these illegal workers in his restaurant to enquire about the immigration status of restaurant’s staff members.

There were six employees in the restaurant when the officers visited the restaurant and amongst them there were two Pakistani nationals who were found working under illegal conditions. Later they were arrested by the officers for breaching the immigration laws of the UK. The owner of the restaurant Mr. Chips is subjected to heavy fine up to £20,000 as penalty for employing illegal immigrants.

The raid was a part of an enforcement operation run by the UK Border Agency to check the rising crimes of illegal immigration in the UK. The Immigration Minister, Damian Green told to the press that government have entrusted the task on UK Border Agency to run an operation in summer to stop the rising immigration crimes. The purpose of this operation is to create such an environment where it will be impossible for illegal immigrants to enter the territory of the nation.

Illegal immigration creates many problems for country’s government and local people as the services and resources of the country are then shared by these illegal immigrants as well. In fact the job opportunities are taken by them which the country citizens and legal immigrants deserve to get.

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