Chinese students are keeping Away from Australia!

China has confirmed that the strong restrictions on overseas students by Australia have crafted a less welcoming ambiance for the prospective applicants who are intending to come to the land of Kangaroos!

In addition to this, there are speculations that the quantity of overseas students intending to immigrate to Australia would fall next year.

Tertiary Education Minister Chris Evans has even confirmed that coming indications clearly state that a heavy drop would be witnessed in the quantity of Chinese students intending to move to Australia in the upcoming times. But till now, it has not been known as to by what percentage and for how long the drop would be seen!

Some of the factors associated with this fall may be stringent immigration regulations, strong Australian dollar, hiked amount of fee structure, crawling visa processing time and an enhanced overseas competition!

Evans said that he is waiting to find out as to how big this problem could get! Then the country is facing a strong competition from the United States too. All these factors are leading to make Australia a not so prospective immigration for the overseas applicants!

Plus, immigration experts in China are saying that universities in Australia are being a little greedy in hiking their fee structure year after year. Hence, the outcome – drop in Chinese students to Australia!

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