Chinese with forged US visas Detained in Bangkok!

BANGKOK: In another news of fake immigration and visa scam, 12 people of Chinese origin have been taken into custody by the officials of US and Thai immigration authorities. Reports say that the people were intending to mark their entry into the US using fake documents and visas.

According to reports by the Thai Immigration bureau, it has been confirmed that the group of fraudulent applicants landed to Thailand from China. Further, it has been said that the group is decked with nine women and three men who were gearing up to book a flight to Los Angeles for further employment options in the city.

Officials said that a man from Taiwan is under suspicion for assisting these people in getting fake documents and fraudulent visas. The confession has been done by the group, stating that the man in Bangkok helped them in clearing the papers after the former paid him a heavy amount of $24,000.

Further investigation stated that the visas under same number have been issued to Polish citizens by the US Embassy located in Warsaw. If the accusations are turned true, the suspects from China can land up in jail for a span of up to 10 years.

Cases of illegal immigration are hiking day by day. Applicants opting for forged application process think that it is the easiest way out to get into any country, but they fail to understand the after affects of getting caught. Always hire the services of an ace Immigration and Visa expert for a legal application process. Visit for more info.

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