Immigration Enforcement by HSC Chairman in House!

Peter King, the Republic Congressman is the new chairman of the Homeland Security Committee in the House. As the chair, King plans to bring about immigration enforcement under the spotlight as he considers this issue as the most important.

He said that he plans to conduct hearings, seek funding as well as press on bills that could cater to further action against illegal migration. He prefers raids at the workplace along with better cooperation between the federal agencies and local law enforcement agencies. He feels that the sense of urgency is lacking by the administration. Deportations are mainly being considered for those involved in serious crimes.

King is also considering the Secure Communities program by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This program was initiated under the Bush government and was further enhanced under the Obama administration. This program was termed to be assisting with a record number of deportations during the last fiscal year.

Many states are joining this program such as New York etc. As per King, the Suffolk County Executive and the Nassau Police Commissioner have projected their interest in the same. He also stated that enough funding is required for the local police who are catering to immigration enforcement as well.

Such partnerships have also been confirmed by the specific personnel in these states. However, such concentration on enforcement has not been going well with the immigrant advocates. At the same time, King feels that reform can only happen when the borders are secured.

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