Work on Canadian Visit Visa Standards, say Calgary people!

Immigration Canada has been called upon by the members of a church in Calgary to reconsider the standards of its visit visa. This came about after a woman from El Salvadoran was not permitted to enter the nation on grounds that she might not return home. Nancy Torres was supposed to come to Canada in December and return in the end of January.

However, Torres received a letter from the Canada Embassy in Guatemala regarding the denial of her visa application. According to the members of the church, there were reasons for this denial.

The reasons included the risk of her not returning back home, her financial status was also not very good as well as her employment status. However, the frustrating aspect here is that there is no provision for appeal. This is especially when she is supposed to join in a job in February and has also paid for the visa application. More so, she also has a return air ticket all of it being non-refundable.

In other words, the visa officials have all the right to reject an application without any reason. At the same time, the government website shows an approval rate of 80 percent. This rate is now being doubted.

However, according to the spokesman of Minister Jason Kenney, an appeal process for the same exists. He says that decisions regarding the visa are taken by independent and non-partisan public servants who cater to the immigration law of the country.

Those who have been denied a visa can appeal in the Federal Court of Canada. Another option is to apply with a fresh application with new information which could strengthen their case.

When it comes to Torres, she was permitted a visa in 2006 summer for a period of 2 months. She has also had a visitor visa for the US for about a decade.

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