Australia and New Zealand: Popularity Increasing for Irish Immigrants!

Reports say that Australia and New Zealand are emerging as prospective immigration destinations for Irish people to find work and reside, hence making a blissful future ahead. A close to thirty thousand people is found moving to either the land of Kiwis or the land of Kangaroos to locate enhanced career options.

Last year recorded more than forty five thousand Irish people emigrating for healthier future prospects, the same has been confirmed by a study conducted by the Irish Independent.

Statistics further point out towards the direction that the number of people visiting the land of Kangaroos for better employment facets rose 80pc since the year 2007. A majority of them are on provisional one-year visas, while some would be going for long-term prospects during their stay there. The figures have reached 24,316. On the other hand, the figure of people coming to New Zealand hiked a 23pc since the year 2007, making the figures reach 4,444 witnessed in the most recent financial year.

Thinking about Canada, figures say that the number of Irish people working in Canada rose to 3,462 amid 2000 and 2009. The Unites States is also not left behind, with one thousand and eight emigrants getting a PR class in the destination.

With eminent facilities, world class structures, ace study and working facilities, Australia and New Zealand are gradually finding their own niche in the world of prospective destinations to immigrate from all over the world. Visit for more info on immigration related knowledge.

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