Restaurant Fined Over Illegal Worker!

Eckington: A restaurant in Eckington would have to face a gigantic fine of up to £10,000 for employing an undocumented worker during a raid conducted by the officials of the UK Border Agency. Reports say that the process was part of an ongoing attempt to weed out illegal immigrants, applicants indulged in fake marriages for the purpose of immigration, bogus students and institutions and organized immigration scams on a national level.

Acting on the information received by sources, the officials marked a raid on Bilals Restaurant located on Market Street, cross-checking the genuineness of the workers and knowing their legal immigration status.

A worker of Bangladeshi origin, aged 27, was found employed as a waiter and was caught red-handed having no legal documents to work in the country and having entered the nation in an undocumented manner.

He was later released on immigration bail but has to mark his presence at the office of the UK Border Agency on a regular basis meanwhile the investigation is going on to deport him back to his homeland.

The restaurant faced an on-the-spot penalty note for employing an undocumented employee and is liable to pay a huge fine in return. It has now become mandatory for the restaurant to prove that it went for the right amount of pre-employment checks on its employees.

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