UK to Examine its Student Entry Route!

The United Kingdom is alarmed by the latest incident of December 20, when 12 terror suspects (supposed to have entered the UK through the student entry route) were arrested and detained in cities- London, Birmingham, Cardiff and Stoke-on-Trent, and as a result the country is all set to examine its student visa program for the sake of country’s national security.

Changes to the UK student visa system have been proposed by immigration minister, Damien Green. Some of the proposed alterations include- tighter entrance requirements; elimination of the option for student wanting to stay in the country after completion of their courses in order to look for employments; and limitations on work for international pupils.

United Kingdom is anticipating a major overhauling of its immigration policy, where the implementation of the annual cap on non-EU immigrants in coming April and the examination of the student route are the primary focus. The student route captures the UK immigration department’s focus as in most cases it was found that migrants entered the country with the help of student visas who have later stopped attending their courses. In other words, these immigrants are not genuine in their intention.

It was also revealed after a public consultation on the reform of the UK student visa scheme under the Points-based System that more than 40 percent of the international students flocking to the UK are studying courses that are below the degree level. When students are thought to be those immigrants who would return to their home countries after completion of the courses, the real picture is not the exact. International students taking up below degree level courses are not always the genuine students- their intention behind entering the country is to work and live, rather than pursuing further studies. And this situation certainly indicates the abuse of the British immigration system.

The proposals made by the UK’s immigration minister aim at targeting the talented and genuine students, while reducing the country’s net immigration level to a sustainable one, more so, to the targeted ‘1990s’ levels. Let’s have a look at the more precise version of the proposals:

  • The number of international students entering the UK to pursue below degree level courses should be cut down.
  • Tougher requirements on the language (English) front should be implemented.
  • International students who intend to extend their studies in the UK must be able to produce evidence in support of academic progression.
  • International students’ entitlement to work in the UK and bring in their dependents to the country should be limited.
  • Implementation of an improved accreditation process, as well as stricter inspections regulation for UK education providers.

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