Washington provides Support to American Citizens for Visa Delays to India!

In a recent announcement by the U.S. State Department, it has been confirmed that the American citizens of Indian origin going through the hurdles of various visa delays would get support from the Washington.

According to the Acting State Department Spokesman Mark Toner, he is not aware of the specifics of the issue linked with thousands and thousands of backlog applications, but he can certainly look into the issue. He was acquainted about the accumulation of these visa applications, resulting into delays, which are further causing the sufferers to go on hunger strikes. Mark went on to say that these people have clear paths in front of them to communicate their frustrations anyway, be it through Congress or saying their words straight to the State Department.

The issue would be discussed with the Indian government, taking care of the situations and circumstances of all these American citizens who are facing visa delays.

Further, it has been reported that visas for Indian Americans intending to visit India have become a tedious process, after the implementation of new regulations needing “surrender certificate” to obtain the visa. Change in visa regulations and making them stringent further added to the worries of these American nationals going through the process of visa delays.

Not to forget the additional charges and noted delay, leading to tortures and frustrations for these people.

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