Why Should you Choose Abhinav for Your Visa Procedures?

Complete Transparency
Some people find us overtly honest (if ever there is something like that). But it is a welcome surprise for them because this industry is filled with so called ‘immigration experts’ who are actually fly-by-night operators and who make a living out of swindling hopeful aspirants.

We will study your documents and case, and only after that, will we invite you you for consultation. We do not claim to be job agents. We will guide you and facilitate visa procedures only. You will be told upfront, about your eligibility and chances of getting the visas, without giving you any false hopes, in case you are not eligible.

Choose Abhinav for Your Visa Procedures
Choose Abhinav for Your Visa Procedures

Because of this policy, we are known in the industry for not only improving our own standards but also setting new highs for the industry.

Constant eye on immigration updates

Our experts keep themselves constantly updated on work permits, various migration policy changes, sponsorships and occupational classifications. This ensures a high success rate as well as a speed in the procedures.
Further, our expert immigration advisors keep a hawk’s eye on the relevant updates involving work permit areas, Occupational classifications (NOC, ASCO, etc.), sponsorship & Occupation lists (Essential list, Occupation list, positive list, SOL, MODL, CSL etc) among other changes made in the immigration & visa prerequisites of the many overseas hotspots. We do this so that we can help you in the best possible way and keep you in sync with the changing times.

Our success rate with rejected applicants

We have handled many cases where candidates who have been previously rejected have come to us and have successfully got their immigration visas. In a lot of instances, visas get rejected because of lack of knowledge of procedures, documentation and unclear processes.

We have, over the years, developed a multi-faceted team of experts comprising expert immigration visa professionals, registered visa representatives, attorneys and registered immigration advisors, from varied nations.  This ensures that your immigration case will be taken care of, by the apt professionals. Our success rate with such cases is quite high because of this all-round approach.

Wealth of experience

Since the time we started in 1994, we have handled all kinds of cases, and seen all problems, which may crop up during the course of visa procurement. We have a wealth of experience in handling difficult as well as rejected visa cases. Therefore most of the times, our turnaround time is fast and without unnecessary delays.

If it is your dream to migrate to another country for a better life and opportunities, let us make this stress free and simple for you. Click here to get in touch with Abhinav Outsourcing for all your visa needs.

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