Why More Indians are Migrating to Other Countries?

Statistics reveal that from all over the world, Indians are the ones who migrate the most. You will find Indians in almost each and every nook and corner of the world. And why not!! Indians are hardworking, extremely talented and are known to be flexible and adjusting. Which is why, wherever they go, they can easily fit into the work culture and society.

Migrating to Other Countries
Migrating to Other Countries

Some of the primary reasons for them moving abroad are…

  1. Better lifestyle and World class affordable education for kids

Better roads, lesser pollution, easy access to health facilities, unemployment allowance, easy financing for housing, law and order, post retirement benefits etc. a lot of people who have shifted abroad don’t want to return simply because living abroad is so much easier. This is also a very important reason for many Indians to shift abroad because countries like USA, UK etc. have excellent systems for their senior citizens.

No struggle for admissions at nursery and university levels for your children. Admissions at School levels are assured; Studies at school level are as good as free and highly subsidized at University level. Children are encouraged to choose courses as per aptitude. Educational institutions at university level are world renowned, recognized and highly ranked in worldwide rankings.

  1. Too many chasing few opportunities

India’s overpopulation is proving to be one of the primary reasons for its brain drain. There are too many people for a single job and competition is fierce. A lot of talented candidates find themselves out of opportunities. This makes them look towards other countries for employment.

  1. Low salaries

India has one of the lowest pay scales in the world especially for the white and blue-collar workers. And so moving abroad is very lucrative for those experienced in Indian Job market.

  1. New opportunities, newer careers

A lot of Indians have to ‘settle’ for jobs, which are not to their liking. Up until now, every Indian parent wanted his or her child to be an engineer or doctor or a lawyer. But now, with the advent of media and worldwide exposure via the Internet, children are exposed to a plethora of careers and opportunities. Besides the metro cities, India still needs to open its mind to these unconventional careers. Therefore, a lot of youth are choosing their careers and following paths, which are taking them to countries outside India.

  1. Opportunities for advancement

India is still very nepotistic in its approach towards employment. Most businesses will be taken over by the second generation. Even in jobs, a lot of people prefer to give promotions to ‘known’ candidates rather than the meritorious ones. Indian corporate life is riddled with internal politics and favoritism. Talented candidates are soon frustrated and move on to other countries where they are lauded for their work skills.

  1. Support for independent thinking and entrepreneurial skills

It is very unfortunate that in a country which is filled with so many talented people, there are a very few independent thinkers and leaders. Right from the very beginning, Indian parents discourage their kids from entrepreneurship. They prefer that their kids gain ‘safe’ employment like government jobs, corporate jobs etc. Families do not support budding entrepreneurs and most fathers want their children to take over their already set-up businesses. On the contrary, many other countries encourage entrepreneurs and provide ample support to start-ups. This is why we have so many Indians who are successful abroad entrepreneurs.

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