Racism Exists in Each and Every Corner of The World.

Racism and Immigration

Indeed, there exists racism everywhere and we cannot turn a blind eye to it, but if you see the ratio of successful immigrants v/s those affected by racism, the numbers are absolutely minimal.

While you cannot avoid racism, there are a few practical ways in which you can deal with it. Also, there are so many more merits to moving abroad which outweigh the stray and rare instances of racism. So if moving abroad is the best bet for you, we believe that you should indeed choose that for your path.

Racism and Immigration
Racism and Immigration
  1. Ignore the racists

Racists are found in each and every country in the world. You have to understand that these are mostly bigoted, ignorant and uneducated people. They are best left alone. The fact that you are living and working in that country means that you have been chosen not on the basis of your caste or race but your merit. That by itself is a major achievement.

  1. Make the country your own

A lot of racism happens because when we move to another country, we still stick to our old ways. You are living in another country, which has its own rules, regulations, traditions etc. Overtly trying to stand out and stick only to your own culture is like being invasive. No one likes that. If you take an effort to learn their language, mannerism, customs, it means that you have fit well into their system. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you lose your identity completely but adding your own flavor, in a slow and sure manner.

  1. Make local friends

When you are in another country, always make friends with the locals. That way, you will be safe since you will have support from the local community. Making clannish groups and being aloof from the local populace is a sure-fire indication that you are not comfortable and feel like an alien in the foreign world.

  1. Travel with locals

When you are travelling within the country, at least till the time you get acclimatized, avoid doing it alone. Take your local friends or guides with you. That itself will go a long way in discouraging the racists.

  1. Absolutely avoid getting into confrontations

Now this may seem like a word from the cowards, but it makes complete practical sense. If you see a situation brewing where you feel that you are being racially targeted, recognize those dangers and get away from the situation if you know that you will not be able to handle it.

Indians are a very talented bunch of people and a majority of countries recognize and welcome us with open arms. If we were not welcome, so many Indians would not have moved abroad, right? So if you think that a particular country will benefit from your talents, dive right in and follow your dreams. Abhinav is here to give you the right kind of support and advice.

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