Why Should Skilled Immigrants Consider going to Canada?

Up until very recent, most Indians who wanted to migrate out of the country would choose either USA or UK or Australia as their preferred destination. But of recent, Canada has become a number one choice for skilled people to immigrate. And there are good reasons why. This vastly unpopulated, beautiful country welcomes immigrants, has some of the world’s best governmental systems and not to mention, it is a beautiful country, with clean air and very good educational and healthcare systems. So if you are considering migrating out of India, here are some reasons why you should consider Canada.

Skilled Immigrants
Canada Skilled Immigrants

High regard and demand for skilled candidates

In India, a lot of candidates find that they do not get jobs as per their qualifications. Very often, highly qualified candidates find themselves doing jobs that are below their educational capacity. This leaves them extremely frustrated and dissatisfied with their jobs. Also, India is rampant with a culture of nepotism, favoritism and there is a lot of politics involved in choosing candidates. In Canada, people are chosen on the basis of merit, and nothing much else.

Higher remuneration than in India

But this is not the case in Canada. On account of their less population, skilled candidates from India are in great demand there. Also, in terms of remuneration, the Indian skilled candidates get paid almost double than what they would in India.

Excellent support for continuing education

Canada has excellent higher education. This is a big draw for skilled Indian candidates who want to pursue higher education to advance their careers and improve their skills. Also, the work life balance in Canada is excellent, unlike India where once you get into the job culture, it is impossible to pursue anything else. In India, especially in the modern cities, there are no work timings and often, employees, especially at higher levels, are expected to wait long hours to fulfill their job obligations. This leaves them with little or no time or enthusiasm to further their skills.

Good opportunities for start-ups

Unlike India where there is more ‘employee’ or and “inherited business’ culture, Canada is still upcoming. This is perfect for those enterprising candidates who want to begin their own venture and start enterprise.

Low population means more opportunities

Canada is a vast country with a low population. This is in stark contrast to India, which is very populated, and therefore competition is fierce and opportunities are scarce.

Respect for labour

In India, we have a very skewed sense of dignity of labour. In fact, there is no dignity of labour with here being a clear distinction between white collar and blue collar jobs. Not so much in Canada where all professions are treated equal and there is a policy of fair wages.

Safety, happy and secure

Canadians are known to be very happy and positive in their thinking and outlook. Perhaps it is the beautiful environs and the progressive government policies et al but Canada has the lowest rate of crime even in comparison to its progressive neighbor USA and other Southern American countries.

Good lifestyle and standard of living

Great education, good healthcare systems, tolerant society, clean, unpolluted environment etc. these are the basics for any happy society and Canada is very sorted when it comes to the basics. For the more educated and evolved population, this is extremely enticing…and why not? Who doesn’t want to live in a country, which has the best of both worlds?

Deeply rooted as well as extremely modern in its outlook

Canada is a beautiful blend of modernism and different cultures. Along with that, it is also deeply rooted and has its own set of customs and traditions, which they follow with great fervor.

Strong and stable economy

For the past many years, the World Economic Forum has voted Canadian economy as one of the strongest on this planet. This will continue to be so for the next many years because of its robust planning.

These are just some of the reasons why Canada is a great option for Indians who wish to migrate there. Contact our representatives here to know more and help you with the Canada migration process.

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