Chris Brown Faces Visa Rejection, Cancelled Europe Tour!

R ‘n’ B star Chris Brown has faced a rejection for his UK visa application as result of which he is bound to cancel his European tour ahead. The star was expected to commence this much awaited tour on June 9, but after the cancellation of the visa applications, it seems that his entry in Europe is highly unlikely.

Brown was accused of abusing his ex-girlfriend the pop star Rihanna. He went on to plead guilty for the same. Critics believe that this incident would ruin his career for ever, especially when it became public that he went on to abuse his girlfriend in a brutal manner, throwing water to his clean image, which he had developed over the years.

Further, the cancellation of his European tour might play as a huge hurdle in his developing career as well. It will greatly affect his future tours and gigs too.

His recent posts on Twitter are filled with regrets from his side, providing apologies to the people of Europe for the cancellation of the European tour. He went on to say that his entry was denied in their country but he loves them all.

However, it has not been confirmed whether the assaults are the real reason behind his application rejection, but critics highly believe that the felony has played a crucial role in the rejection. Speculations are that the charges of domestic violence allowed the UK immigration officials to bar the application from the famous musician!

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