Immigration charges cost P.E.I. trucking firm!

A P.E.I. trucking firm has given its nodding to grant a donation of $2,000 to its choice between either Queen Elizabeth Hospital or the food bank as the company has been accused by certain charges under Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

Jack Kelly who is the owner of the Bulk Carriers Ltd. is accused of charges which included misrepresentation and counseling to misrepresent. In addition, the operation manager of the company, Mike Schutt, was charged of the similar case. While he went on to appear in the court but the owner of the company didn’t show up at all.

The matter is linked with the fact that the firm deals in bringing overseas workers to the country. But in one of the cases, it failed to pay back the airfare for one of its overseas employees. This was done knowing the fact that the court ordered the company to do so and the firm agreed on the decision too.

After the charges were inculcated on the firm, the latter has lost almost $700,000, in addition to plenty of US customers too. This has been one of the biggest losses that the company has faced by now. In addition, the negative publicity in future is speculated to have caused the company a huge stake on its current reputation.

So it was suggested by Judge Nancy that the company should pay the money in the form of donation which would come for the benefit of general public too.

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