Clear English Test to Live with Spouse in UK!

In a series of measures being brought out by the UK government to implement cuts on immigration, Indians who would want to marry the citizens of UK or be with their spouse who are UK citizens have to clear an English test.

Theresa May, the Home Minister announced these amends. As per May, this amend would be implemented this autumn and that it is mandatory to appear and qualify these examinations. This is specifically mandatory for Indians who would want to live with their partners in UK.

As per the sources from the Home Office, India has been one of the largest contributors of immigrants in the last one year. The UK has permitted around 230,000 immigrants for settlements in the last year which ended on 31st March. Off the above numbers, 50,000 came from India.

According to May, skills in English language should be an important eligibility criterion for those who wish to live in UK. With the new law in place, it would aid in further integration of the nation which would help in reducing barriers pertaining to culture. At the same time, it would also assist in the public services. Also, those coming to the UK are exclusive and hence, it is important to raise the standards for the permission of the migrants. This would make sure that those migrants in UK contribute to the society.

However, May also added that this is just the first of the many steps. As of now, an assessment being carried out for the eligibility criteria of English language for the visa system. This is being done in view to make the restrictions even tougher.

From now on, all the migrants not belonging to the European origin would have to prove their basic skills in English language. This has been implemented as a pilot scheme for now. The skills in English would permit them to go about with their daily life before obtaining a visa.

The above rules would be applicable for all the civil partnerships, same sex partners, spouses as well as unmarried couples. It would also be compulsory for those who would be applying from UK itself.

So, from now on, whoever intending to come to the United Kingdom would have to prove their skills at A1 for English. This level is also required for all the applicants filing under the Skilled Tier of Points Based System. All the spouses would now have to cater to evidence along with their application for visa that they have appeared and cleared the test. More so, they must have catered to a test that is approved by the UK Border Agency.

As of now, all those applying for a spouse visa must prove their marriage or relationship as being genuine and that they are capable to support themselves financially. Despite getting married in the UK or abroad, the applicant would have to obtain a settlement visa which is meant for two years. This would permit them to come and live as a spouse in the UK. Post this period of two years, they can apply for an Indefinitely Leave to Remain to the UK Border Agency.

For the above, another test has to be undergone by the applicant known as the Knowledge of Life and Language in the UK. This would be a level higher than the previous test where in the applicant has to prove the basic skills in English.

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