CIC Proposed Certain Changes to the Canadian Citizenship Program

There are many people who have been living in Canada as permanent residents and want to apply for citizenship of the country. According to a recent report, CIC or Citizenship and Immigration Canada, has proposed certain changes regarding the language assessment process of the potential citizens.
Under the proposed changes, the adult applicants for Canadian citizenship will have to present the proof of their language ability with their applications for citizenship of the country.

However, under the existing Act of Citizenship, applicants must be able to communicate in one of official languages of the nation. As revealed in the report, the proposed modifications would not increase the previous level of language ability, but would bring changes, the way of applicants for citizenship between the age of 18 to 54, prove their language skills.

The Canadian citizenship applicants are required to provide objective proof of their language skills, as proposed by the new system of language ability by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, during the time of their application. These applicants can provide proof of their ability in the required languages by submitting a number of evidences. These include:

  • The third party test’s results
  • Proof of their secondary or post-secondary education in French or English,  OR
  • Proof of obtaining CLB/NCLC 4 in some specific language training courses funded by the government of the nation

At present, on the basis of the citizenship knowledge test along with the applicants’ interaction with the Canadian immigration authority, CIC or Citizenship and Immigration, the country assesses the language skills of the applicants.

The CIC is also forwarding the idea that speaking and listening would be the two things which would be covered even while the criteria would unambiguously align with the involved Canadian Language Benchmark.

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