Highest Number of Overseas Residents to Canada

Canada, a popular destination for overseas aspirants, is a North American nation, consists of 10 provinces and 3 territories. It is the second-largest country of the world, area-wise. Every year, this nation welcomes a huge number of immigrants from various parts of the world.

A new report released by the Statistics Canada has revealed that there is an increase in the number of Canada trips to over 2 million, in the recent period of time. The report also mentioned particularly the month of September as the increasing trip period to the nation.

September is a favorable time to visit Canada, as during this period, the weather becomes quite soothing with spectacular natural beauty. People can enjoy most of the outdoor activities during this time.

During this season, among 2 million Canada visitors, reportedly 1.6 million were from the US and the other 381,000 trips were by other overseas residents, which is the highest since 2010. There is 3.1% increase in trips to overseas by the Canadian residents. However, on the other hand, trips to the US from Canada got decreased by 0.4% since August.

There are many people who migrate to Canada with a purpose of obtaining permanent residence in the country. Through immigration, people from different backgrounds of customs and traditions, rituals and culture enter into this nation and helps in the economic growth of the nation.

If you are thinking of Canada Immigration, then for your successful migration to this beautiful land, you can approach an immigration expert, who can provide you with all the essential information and advice in this regard. To know your eligibility to apply for a Canadian Visa, you can even go for a pre-assessment process.

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