Circumstances for SSN to be Revealed!

For all the residents of the United States, the Social Security Number (SSN) is the most important number as their proof of identification. It is but obvious that the Social Security Card should be kept very safely which means one must not reveal this number unless it is absolutely necessary.

However, the definition of the absolutely necessary tends to vary for different people. This article is our endeavor towards to the new migrants in the United States who are still in the process of acquainting themselves with their new home. Below listed are the circumstances when the SSN is absolutely necessary:

  • When an immigrant gets a new job, the SSN would be required by the concerned employer. This is needed to ensure that the immigrant’s name and the numbers are apt in the payroll records and W-2. This is to ensure that the earnings of the migrant are credited by the Social Security.
  • For instances pertaining to tax reporting, the financial institutions would want the SSN.
  • Certain agencies of the government such as motor vehicle departments might need this number. At the same time, the governmental agencies have to reveal whether giving the SSN is mandatory or optional along with the procedures where this number would be put in use. The concerned authorities under which this number is used should also be mentioned.

On the other hand, there are cases when the SSN is requested for but then it is generally not required to be revealed. This can be any business with no major restrictions on them to use this number. These include consumer reporting agencies, certain health care organizations etc. In such cases where in this number is not required by any governmental agencies, it is not mandatory to give out the number. At the same time, you can ask the following questions:

  • Reasons for the need of the SSN
  • How would it be used?
  • Is it needed as per the law or not?
  • Precautions taken by the company to safeguard this SSN
  • Consequences if refused to give out this number

Above all, it is highly recommended to check all aspects before giving out this number. After all, precaution is better than the worst of the consequences.

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