Priority Processing for Australian Skilled Migration Applications!

After putting the alterations to the Skilled Occupation List in action on 1st July, 2010, the Australian immigration department is all set to have arrangements for the priority processing of the petitions filed by overseas people under the skilled migration visa program. The arrangements have been revealed by the nation’s immigration and citizenship minister, Chris Evans.

The arrangements in the aspect of priority processing take the changes to the Australian SOL, and annulment of the MODL, as well as the List of Critical Skills into consideration. The arrangements have been in force since July 14, 2010, which apply to applications under certain visa categories that have been already filed with the Australian immigration department. The arrangements also take the applications that are yet to come in future into account.

The processing arrangements made apply to specific migration schemes. They are:

  • Employer Nomination Scheme or ENS;
  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme or RSMS; and
  • General Skilled Migration or GSM.

Now, let us have a look at the order (the first being the matter of highest priority) of the priority processing of the applications under these schemes.

  • Petitions from individuals who have been sponsored by Australian employers under the Employer Nomination and Regional Skilled Migration Schemes.
  • Petitions from individuals nominated by state/territory for a nominated job position which is mentioned in that state’s migration plan.
  • Petitions from individuals who have chose an occupation included on the SOL.
  • Other petitions are subjected to processing on first-come-first-serve basis.

According to the Australian immigration officials, the priority processing has been considered in an attempt to comply with the various changes brought in to the nation’s migration program pertaining to the skilled migrants. According to them, the priority processing is likely to bring in the skills that the Oz economy needs.

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