Citizenship vs. Permanent Residence!

There is a lot of difference between being a Permanent Resident and a citizen of a particular country. Being a citizen of a particular country means that the individual has voting rights and can be a part of all the democratic aspects of the country.

When it comes to permanent residents, there is a set criterion which requires them to reside in the country for certain number of identified days to retain their Permanent Resident status. On the other hand, a citizen is free to move in and out of the country for any duration of time. His citizenship would not be at stake unlike the permanent resident. For instance, a citizen of Canada can move away from Canada for a decade and yet, his citizenship would not be barred. Similarly, if a Canadian permanent resident lives outside Canada for a decade, his residency status would be cancelled. Also, it is mandatory for a permanent resident to have lived at least 730 days in every 5 years of his residence in the Canada. This means that he should have lived for a minimum of 2 years of the 5 years.

The above mentioned instance could be a cause of worry for someone who intends to study in a different country. To avoid such circumstances, it is always beneficial to fulfill the basic requirement of residence for a citizenship. This way, there would be no obligation on the person’s traveling abroad for long periods of time.

In addition, if a permanent resident is found to be accused of any criminal indulgence or is dependent on the public services for the basic necessities; his residency status is subject to cancel. This is not the case with a citizen.

Thus, it could be concluded that citizenship has better perks than that of a permanent resident status. Thus, if you are a permanent resident of a particular country for quite sometime now, it is best that you consult an Immigration and Visa specialist on your application for citizenship.

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