Submission of Federal Canada Skilled Worker Applications!

Based on the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act in Canada, an applicant can only file his application for permanent residence in two kinds of locations in the world. This is as per the Section 11 of the act. The first place is the one where the immigrant has been legally permitted to enter for a minimum of a year. Secondly, it is the native state or country of the applicant.

Incase, a person is applying for permanent residence as a Federal Skilled Worker from outside Canada, he must be eligible under the new rules. With this, if the applicant does not have a work permit and is not selected under any of the provincial nominee programs, he has to ensure that his profession is listed in the 38 occupations list. If his profession appears on the list, then he must prove his eligibility in the form of academic qualifications and must submit the complete application form.

Post submission and approval of the application, the application might have to submit other documents based on his case. To know more on the documentation aspect, the applicant must wait for the communication from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

The process might seem very easy but it is because of this assumption that many a times, minute details are forgotten. To help an applicant with such matters, a visa and immigration consultant is the right person to be contacted. He can guide you through the entire procedure. Most consultants offer a prior assessment of an applicant’s skills and qualification which gives a better insight into an applicant’s case. So, to know more, contact an Immigration Specialist today!

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