Comprehensive Immigration Overhaul is Necessary

Immigration reform would soon be the agenda for the US Congress. It is but obvious that the debate would involve a lot of disputes and disagreements. In the midst of these, those opposing this initiative have tried to put the communities of immigrants and the African-American ones against each other. As per them, the interests are highly exclusive and if the Latino and the immigrant communities win, it would be similar to scoring points against the African-Americans.

This opinion cannot be considered as being apt and creates a divide amongst the communities involved. It clearly shows the concept of divide and rule to bar the prosperity of the nation and civil rights for everyone.

At the same time, it is also not fair to deport all the 12 million illegal migrants living in the United States. It would be disastrous to break families and destroy the dreams of a better life of these people. It would be a sheer waste of money and the governmental taxes which could be put to better use. Instead, a concrete solution is required which ensures a long term return.

In order to start with the process of overhauling, it has to be ensured that all the illegal migrants register with the government, learn the local language, start paying taxes and clear a background check. These illegal immigrants could then be considered for the US citizenship. This would also fix up the situation at the border as well as improvise the visa programs for the immigrants coming in the future.

Additionally, this process of overhaul would also lead to the further development of the economy. However, it has to be seen that many American employers exploit these illegal migrants and cheat the local people as well. Here, a constant check has to be kept to see that all people get equal chances at getting a job and are being treated fairly.

If looked clearly, both the immigrants as well as the African-American communities are trying to achieve the same goals. These include safety issues, proper education and school, economy that develops and caters to everyone and above all, an equal society for one and all.

Thus, reform should be brought about on the above lines which would answer all the issues rather than one single issue. And so, it is important for the Congress to pass a law that is humane, practical and answers the real issue.

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